One would think that a person running for the the most powerful office in the known universe would also have the best artwork to support that lofty goal. Sadly, I found this not to be the case. Here is my take on the 2016 Presidential Candidate's logos.


Ben Carson. This is actually not too bad. The red creates a symmetry of sorts, the typography is strong and simple. I'm always bewildered by people like Ben Carson though. Clearly a very, very intelligent person, but at the same time able to come up with such strange comments.


Donald Trump. The Trump brand is all about glitter and gaudiness. This logo attempted to strip that away, but why? Wouldn't a seriffed font be more appropriate? And the tagline, "Make America Great Again!" America isn't great anymore? The line just panders to the haters.


marcorubio. Is the Rubio campaign going after a web 2.0 look and feel? All lower case, no space between first and last name? The USA shape in place of a dot just doesn't look right. It seems disrespectful to reduce one of the most identifiable shapes to Americans to the dot on the "I" in Marco's last name. I also don't think this letter mark says STRENGTH. And the tagline is kinda 15 years too late, isn't it? He's trying to say, "young and different," but it's not working for me.


Ted Cruz. This is, I think, the best of the Republican batch. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the art element was a drop of water with the flag over it. I, of course, quickly realized it's supposed to to be a flame, but I can't get the drupal logo out of my head.

Jeb Bush. I can't get Stephen Colbert out of my head when I look at this. Every time I see it I hear him shout, "Jeb!" So much better than anything I could say.


Carly Fiorina. I'm not sure that Carly has the name recognition to do the first name thing, but it's not a bad execution. It was a bold move to go with black instead of blue. And the tagline, "For America" is a solid, simple statement. Well done.

Rand Paul. At first glance it seems like this would be a letter mark I would like. After all, it's simple and bold, but there's just something amiss. I get that the negative space between the A and N create the base of the flame, but it just looks like the flame was plopped on top of the name with little thought.

John Kasich. See Paul Rand. 

Chris Christie. I guess the thing to talk about here is the tagline, "Telling It Like It Is." It's the letter spacing that's bugging me. It is a lazy solution to just space out words to fill a space. And while that particular statement should be quite powerful, spacing it out like that seems to make it airy and light.

Mike Huckabee. Brother Huckabee is so hardcore Christian that I think he should have had the balls to just go ahead and replace those stars with a crucifix. That would have been something. Somehow this reminds me of Obama's much more successful logo. Or of Bank of America.

Bobby Jindal. This doesn't work on so many levels. Dividing the copy with the logo makes it a disjointed message. The words appear weak and the "J" over powering. There's no play between any of these elements.

Lindsey Graham. This one's okay. I would have liked to see a more elegant execution of the art element above the name, but it's quite strong. Take a second to compare Graham with Jindal.

Rick Santorum. That eagle art must have been stolen from a high school football team. Not good Rick. Reversing the type out of a blue box makes him seem narrow minded and contained.

14 hillary .jpg

Hillary Clinton. This is pretty much a fail. I get that "H" has gotten to the point that she doesn't even need to use her first name anymore, but this design is so devoid of elegance that it hurts. It's all sharp corners and danger.

Bernie Sanders. Not bad Bernie. This design is friendly and approachable. It looks like Bernie is on a boat ride on a very patriotic river. I REALLY love this though.

Martin O'Malley. I'm not sure what's going on here. It's not entirely bad, but just confusing. Is it a talk bubble? It seems like that little gap is an escape route out of that box, but those poor letters ain't gonna make it out.

Honorable mention

Barak Obama. This is a GREAT logo. It captures the "Hope" theme. It's simple. It's round. It's a sunrise on a very patriotic farm. The gold standard of campaign logo design.